KARL STORZ – Our Philosophy

The future has tradition – and tradition has a future: This maxim of company management means something to each and every KARL STORZ staff member. It stands for the characteristics that are at the root of the company’s success: Visionary ideas that are grounded by traditional, precise workmanship and are integrated into a concept of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Even a partial list of significant inventions and innovations achieved by KARL STORZ in the past seven decades reveals an extensive and impressive chronology of success – a success story that demands to be carried into the future.

Medicine will have to face many new challenges not only in combating disease but also in terms of increasingly cost-intensive therapies. It is now more important than ever to find the right solutions and convert these into products that meet medical interests without compromising their financial viability.

KARL STORZ has proved more than once that it is in a position to meet these challenges. Medical practitioners from around the world can continue to place their trust in innovative solutions from Tuttlingen.

Pediatric Surgery

The special anatomical and pathological conditions in children require specific, sophisticated instruments – children are not just small adults. In close cooperation with leading physicians worldwide, KARL STORZ developed a special product range for this patient group that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the small patients.

KARL STORZ, therefore, sets new standards in pediatrics. This covers the fields of neurosurgery, ENT, anesthesiology and emergency medicine, thoracic surgery/bronchoscopy, gastroenterology, laparoscopy, urology and proctology. Smaller diameters result in reduced scarring and less postoperative pain for the patients. Shorter instruments and higher stability lead to more comfortable and ergonomic working during surgery. Consequently, our special pediatric instrumentation portfolio benefits both surgeon and patient alike.

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